The science of Subjectivity

The Q-methodology is a strategy developed by William Stephenson to capture subjectivity. Subjectivity can be seen as a unique personal point of view on a given topic, and thank to the the so called "inverted" factor analysis, it is possible to identify groups of individuals sharing the same perspective. Preparing a Q-method study involves several steps; identification of the topic of interest, the research questions, literature review, development of the concourse, which is the universe of statements about the topic of interest, preparation of the Q-set, administration of the Q-set, data analysis, results and interpretation. Visit the link below to learn more about Q.


Fully responsive

The Q-sorTouch works on any device connected to the internet.

An ideal source for your data collection

The Q-sorTouch is specifically designed to support data collection within academic research, with particular attention to Q-methdology.

Reach everyone

Once a procedure is complete, a link is generated, and it can be pasted into any email you want to send to participants.

Beyond numbers

With the Q-sorTouch, not only can you download your dataset, but answers and Q-sorts can be visualised one by one to better support the understanding of your data.


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